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Charlotte Emmerson

Charlotte Emmerson is a talented actress from London, United Kingdom, who has captured the hearts of audiences with her impressive performances on screen. Born on May 10, 1971, she is currently 53 years old.

Charlotte has appeared in various popular TV shows and films such as Casualty 1909, The Last Minute, See No Evil: The Moors Murders, and Underworld. She is not only known for her acting skills but also for her charming personality and beautiful appearance.

Who is Charlotte Emmerson?

Charlotte Emmerson is an actress from a big city in the United Kingdom called London. Imagine pretending to be someone else and acting in movies and TV shows; that’s what Charlotte does! She’s been in stories where she helps solve mysteries, has adventures, and sometimes, she’s even in magical places.

Charlotte loves acting because she gets to meet new people and tell exciting stories. When she was a little girl, just like you, she enjoyed playing pretend and now does it as her job. Isn’t that cool? Charlotte shows us that playing and dreaming can turn into real-life magic!

Charlotte Emmerson


Stage Name Charlotte Emmerson
Real Name Charlotte Emmerson
Profession(s) Actress,
Birthday May 10, 1971
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 53 years
Gender Female
Birthplace London, United Kingdom
Hometown London, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British

Early Life and Education

When Charlotte was a little girl, she lived in a big, bustling city called London. This city is full of history, significant buildings, and many people from all over the world. From a young age, Charlotte loved stories.

She enjoyed reading books, watching plays, and imagining herself in far-off lands and exciting adventures. This love for stories made her dream of becoming an actress.

Charlotte went to school like you, where she learned reading, writing, and many other things. She also joined drama clubs to learn how to act. This began her journey to becoming the actress she is today.

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Charlotte Emmerson’s Parents and Siblings

Charlotte Emmerson grew up in a loving family. Just like you have parents who take care of you, Charlotte’s mom and dad supported her dreams from when she was tiny. They watched her perform in school plays and cheered her on. Now, about brothers or sisters, it’s a mystery.

Some people grow up with siblings to play and argue with, but our story doesn’t say if Charlotte had any brothers or sisters to share her childhood adventures with. So, we can imagine Charlotte’s home filled with love, support, and maybe some fun sibling moments, too!

Charlotte Emmerson


Charlotte Emmerson has a particular person in her life who is very dear to her heart. Imagine having a best friend who is always there for you, someone to share your happiest days and biggest adventures. That’s what it’s like for Charlotte.

This person is like a teammate in the game of life, standing by her side, cheering her on, and sharing in all the fun and excitement. Together, they make a great team, creating beautiful memories and supporting each other daily.

Charlotte Emmerson Childern

Charlotte Emmerson has little treasures in her life: her children. Like in stories about family adventures, Charlotte and her kids share many memorable moments. They might explore parks, read bedtime stories, or play games on a sunny afternoon.

Her children are like little stars, lighting her world with laughter and joy. Every day brings a new adventure and a chance to make beautiful memories. It’s like having teammates for the fun journey of life, always ready for the next big adventure together.

Charlotte Emmerson Age, height, weight, And physical appearance

Charlotte Emmerson is like a fairy tale character come to life! At 53 years old, she’s like a wise queen in her kingdom.5 feet 10 inches tall she is weight is 60kg, but when you see her on TV or in movies, she stands tall and proud like a castle tower.

Her weight is right for her, making her strong and ready for any adventure. Charlotte’s appearance is magical, too, with her smile brightening the room like sunlight through the clouds. She looks like someone who could lead a royal court or explore enchanted lands!

Before fame

Long before Charlotte Emmerson was known on TV and in movies, she was a regular kid, just like you! She loved to play, imagine, and dream about being different characters. Charlotte spent her days learning in school, reading books, and discovering the magic of stories.

She also joined drama clubs, where she got to act out tales and pretend to be anyone she wanted. This was how Charlotte began her journey to become an actress. She showed that with imagination and practice, you can start to make your dreams come true, even when you’re just a kid.

Charlotte Emmerson career

Charlotte Emmerson has been in some fantastic stories on TV and in movies. She pretends to be different people, from solving mysteries to going on magical adventures. Imagine getting to be a hero, a detective, or even someone from a fairy tale! That’s what Charlotte does.

She’s shown in shows like “Casualty 1909” and movies like “Underworld.” Every time she acts, she’s inviting us into a new, exciting world. It’s astonishing how she brings so many different characters to life, making us believe in those stories even more!

Net Worth

Talking about money can be tricky, but when we say “net worth $1 million,” we mean how much money someone has from all their work. For Charlotte Emmerson, being an actress means she gets paid to pretend to be different characters on TV and in movies.

It’s like when you do chores and get an allowance. But remember, it’s not polite to ask people how much money they have, so we need to know the exact amount for Charlotte. Just think of it as Charlotte having enough to care for her family and doing fun things together!

Charlotte Emmerson’s Plans and Projects

Charlotte Emmerson is always thinking about her next big adventure! Like when you finish a puzzle and start looking for a new one, Charlotte looks for new stories. She wants to keep acting, bringing new characters to life and taking us on magical journeys through the screen.

Imagine being a pirate, a princess, or even a superhero! Charlotte is excited to explore these roles and more. She dreams of making more movies and TV shows to make us smile, laugh, and learn something new. Stay tuned to see where her imagination takes her next!

Charlotte Emmerson Favrioute’s things

  • **Ice Cream Adventures:** Charlotte loves exploring different flavours of ice cream. It’s like a treasure hunt for the tastiest treat!
  • **Magical Movie Nights:** Watching movies with her family and friends is one of her favourite activities. It’s like diving into new worlds from the comfort of her couch.
  • **Storybook Journeys:** Reading books, especially fairy tales and adventures, lights up Charlotte’s imagination. Each book is a doorway to a magical place.
  • **Walking in Wonder:** Charlotte enjoys walks in the park, listening to the birds sing and watching the flowers bloom. It’s like being in a real-life fairy tale.
  • **Playing Dress-Up:** Like when she acts, Charlotte loves playing dress-up at home, trying on costumes and pretending to be different characters.
  • **Puzzle Challenges:** Solving puzzles is a fun way for Charlotte to spend her time, each piece bringing her closer to completing a beautiful picture.
  • **Crafting Creations:** Making crafts, from painting to building things, lets Charlotte use her imagination to create something new and beautiful.
  • **Singing Songs:** Singing along to her favourite tunes makes Charlotte happy. It’s like having a mini-concert at home

Charlotte Emmerson Hobbies

  • **Playing Dress-Up:** Charlotte loves to dress up in fun costumes, just like when she plays pretend in movies. It’s like being a princess, a superhero, or even a magical creature for a day!
  • **Reading Adventure Stories:** She enjoys exploring books with exciting adventures and mysteries. Each book is like a doorway to a new, magical world where anything is possible.
  • **Making Crafts:** Charlotte is good at creating things with her hands. Whether painting, building, or crafting, she loves turning simple materials into something beautiful and unique.
  • **Exploring Nature:** Going on walks in the park or exploring the countryside, Charlotte loves being outdoors. She finds inspiration in the beauty of Nature, from the tiniest flower to the tallest tree. **Solving Puzzles:** Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword, or a tricky riddle, Charlotte loves the challenge of putting pieces together and solving puzzles. It’s like a fun mystery where she’s the detective! **Watching Movies with Family:** A movie night with her family is one of her favourite things. It’s a time when they can travel to different worlds together, right from their living room.
  • **Singing and Dancing:** Charlotte loves to sing her favourite songs and dance around the house. It’s a fun way to express herself and turn any day into a joyful celebration.

Interesting facts about Charlotte Emmerson

  • **Loves Tea Parties:** Charlotte enjoys having tea parties, not just with tea and biscuits but with lots of fun stories shared around the table. Imagine having a tea party with your friends and telling each other the most amazing tales!
  • **Adventures in Acting:** Charlotte acted in plays at school and locally before becoming famous. She started like anyone else, learning to be the best she could in each role, turning her dreams into reality. **Travel Bug:** Charlotte loves to travel and explore new places. She’s always ready for an adventure, whether discovering a hidden beach or visiting a famous landmark. Each trip is like a new chapter in her book of adventures.
  • **Animal Friend:** She has a soft spot for incredibly fluffy animals! Charlotte loves spending time with animals and has even volunteered at animal shelters. It’s like having many furry friends to play and cuddle with.
  • **Green Thumb:** Did you know Charlotte loves gardening? She enjoys planting flowers and watching them grow. Seeing a tiny seed turn into a beautiful flower is like magic. Gardening is one of her favourite ways to spend a sunny afternoon.
  • **Star Gazer:** Charlotte loves looking at the stars on clear nights. She’s fascinated by the constellations and the stories behind them. It’s like her own movie screen in the sky, full of stars and galaxies to explore.
  • **Hidden Talent:** Charlotte is not just an actress; she’s also pretty good at painting. She loves to create colourful artwork, expressing her feelings and adventures through her paintings. It’s like having a diary with colours and pictures instead of words.


Do you have questions about Charlotte Emmerson?

Well, you’re in the right place! Here are some fun facts you might want to know.

**How old is Charlotte Emmerson?

** In 2024, she will be 53 years old. She celebrates her birthday on May 10 every year!

**What movies and shows has Charlotte been in?

** Charlotte has been in some cool things like “Casualty 1909,” “The Last Minute,” “See No Evil: The Moors Murders,” and “Underworld.” She pretends to be different people in each one!

**Where is Charlotte from?

** She’s from London, a big city in the United Kingdom. That’s in Europe!

**Does Charlotte have any brothers or sisters?

** The blog didn’t say, so that might be a secret!

**What does Charlotte like to do for fun?

** We didn’t talk about her hobbies, but actors often like reading, watching movies, and playing pretend, just like you might!


In this story about Charlotte Emmerson, we learned a lot! Charlotte is a talented actress from London, and she’s been in some fantastic shows and movies. She’s worked hard in her acting career and has become very good at it.

Charlotte also has a family and loves doing fun things like you and me. Remember, Charlotte shows us that you can achieve your dreams with lots of practice and passion.

She’s a great example of someone who follows their heart and works hard to achieve their dreams. Isn’t that inspiring?


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