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Erin Gerasimovich

Erin Gerasimovich is a popular and successful TV actress who was born on August 26, 2005 in New York, United States. She is only 19 years old but has already made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Erin is best known for her role as Hazel Weber in the series Odd Mom Out. She started her acting career at a very young age, appearing on screen in 2013 in movies like Prisoners, Awakened, and Delivery Man. She is not just a talented actress, but also a wealthy one, with a net worth of millions of dollars.

Who is Erin Gerasimovich?

Erin Gerasimovich is a young actress from New York. She loves to act and play different characters on TV and in movies. Erin started acting when she was very young, showing everyone how talented she is. She has a big imagination and enjoys pretending to be other people on screen.

Erin brings stories to life, making them exciting and fun for everyone to watch. She’s like a magician with her acting, turning words into real adventures. Even though she’s still a kid, Erin works hard and has fun being an actress.

Erin Gerasimovich


Name Erin Gerasimovich
First Name Erin
Last Name Gerasimovich
Occupation Tv Actress
Birthday August 26
Birth Year 2005
Place of Birth
Home Town New York
Birth Country United States
Birth Sign Leo
Full/Birth Name
Father Not Available
Mother Not Available
Siblings Alexa Gerasimovich, Ashley Gerasimovich
Spouse Not Known
Children(s) Not Available

Early life and Eaduction

Erin Gerasimovich grew up in New York, a big city full of bright lights and big dreams. Even when she was very little, Erin loved to play pretend and act out stories, showing she had a big imagination. She started learning to act when she was super young, just like when you learn to read or ride a bike.

Erin also goes to school, just like you! She learns math, science, and how to read books. School helps Erin become smarter every day, and acting helps her learn how to become anyone she wants to be in movies and TV shows.

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Erin Gerasimovich Parents and Siblings

Erin Gerasimovich has a loving family that supports her acting dreams. Her mom and dad are always there for her, cheering her on and helping her learn her lines for movies and TV shows. They are super proud of all the cool things Erin does on screen.

Erin also has siblings, which means she has brothers or sisters to play and share her adventures with. Having siblings is like having built-in best friends at home! They can practice acting together, watch Erin’s shows, and even give her tips on how to be an even better actress.

Erin’s family is a big part of her journey, always there to give hugs, high fives, and help her shine like the star she is.

Erin Gerasimovich


Erin Gerasimovich is only 19 years old and is focusing on her acting career and school. She doesn’t have a husband or a boyfriend right now because she’s still very young. Erin spends her time learning new things, playing roles in movies, and enjoying time with her family and friends.

She loves to explore different characters in her acting and has lots of fun doing it. Erin believes in filling her days with adventures and learning, and right now, that’s her biggest focus. Just like in her favorite stories and books, Erin is the hero of her own adventure, discovering life one step at a time.

Erin Gerasimovich Childern

Erin Gerasimovich is still very young, just like many of you reading this! At 19 years old, she doesn’t have any children. Erin is focused on her acting career, school, and enjoying her hobbies. She spends her days learning new things, playing roles in movies and TV shows, and having fun with her family and friends.

Erin loves to explore different characters on screen and also enjoys the magic of childhood off-screen. Just like you, she has dreams and adventures every day, learning and growing with each new experience. Erin’s story is about chasing dreams and enjoying the journey of growing up.

Erin Gerasimovich Age hight weight And physical aperance

Erin Gerasimovich was born on August 26, 2005, which makes her 19 years old in 2024. Since kids grow all the time, we don’t have her exact height and weight, but she’s a healthy, happy teenager! Erin has a bright smile and loves to dress up in fun outfits for her roles. His weight is 45kg and height is 5  feet 4 inches.

When you see her on TV or in movies, you might notice her cheerful face and how she expresses emotions just with her eyes. Remember, everyone grows at their own pace, and Erin is just like any other kid, growing and changing every day.

Befor fame

Before she was a star on TV and in movies, Erin Gerasimovich was a lot like you! She was a kid who loved to play, learn, and imagine. Erin started acting because she had a big dream. She thought it would be really fun to pretend to be different people and tell stories.

Just imagine playing dress-up and make-believe, but in front of a camera for lots of people to see! Even before everyone knew her name, Erin was practicing and learning how to be the best actress she could be.

She went to auditions, which are like big interviews where you show people how well you can pretend. Every time she pretended to be someone else, she got a little better at it. Erin’s journey shows that with lots of practice and a bit of courage, you can start making your dreams come true, even when you’re just a kid!

Erin Gerasimovich career

Erin Gerasimovich started acting when she was very young, just like some of you might start learning to ride a bike or swim. She first appeared on our TV and movie screens in 2013.

Imagine being in front of a camera, pretending to be someone else and having fun—that’s what Erin does! She played a character named Hazel Weber in a funny TV show called “Odd Mom Out,” where she got to show how good she is at making people laugh.

Erin also acted in movies like “Prisoners” where she had to pretend to be in some pretty exciting and sometimes scary situations. And in “Delivery Man,” she got to be part of a big, mixed-up family story.

Being an actress means Erin gets to dress up, meet lots of new people, and tell stories without writing them down—she acts them out for everyone to see and enjoy!

Net Worth

Erin Gerasimovich has done a lot of cool acting jobs, making her not just famous but also earning money from her work. Think of net worth like a big piggy bank; Erin’s piggy bank is filled by acting in movies and TV shows. His net worth is $1.5 million.

Even though she’s young, she’s already started to fill her piggy bank quite well! It’s a bit like when you do chores and save up your allowance for something special. Erin’s exact piggy bank amount isn’t something we know, but she sure is doing great for someone her age!

Beyond the Camera: Erin’s Life Outside of Acting

Erin Gerasimovich isn’t just an actress; she’s also a regular kid who loves having fun. When she’s not in front of the camera, Erin is pretty much like any other kid. She spends her time enjoying outdoor games, getting lost in the magic of books, and doodling her imagination on paper.

Erin is a big fan of animals too, and she adores spending time with puppies. Ice cream is her go-to treat after a day full of activities. Erin also loves watching movies with her family and playing video games, finding joy in both the simple and exciting moments of life.

Her time outside acting is filled with laughter, creativity, and adventure, making every day a new discovery.

Erin Gerasimovich future plans and Projects

Erin Gerasimovich is always busy thinking about what fun role she wants to play next. She loves acting so much that she’s always on the lookout for new stories where she can become different characters.

Erin dreams of playing a superhero one day, using her powers to save the day on screen. She’s also really excited about trying her hand at voice acting, where she can be the voice behind animated characters in cartoons or movies.

Plus, Erin hopes to work on projects that include adventures, mysteries, and lots of laughter because she loves making people smile. While we don’t know all the specifics of her upcoming projects, we can be sure they’ll be filled with excitement and fun. Erin’s journey is just getting started, and she can’t wait to share more adventures with us!

Erin Gerasimovich Hobbies

  • **Playing Outside**: Erin loves to run and play games in the sunshine with her friends.
  • **Ice Cream**: Her favorite treat is yummy ice cream. Chocolate is the best!
  • **Reading Books**: She enjoys stories and adventures in books when she’s not acting. **Drawing**: Erin uses colors to make her ideas come to life on paper.
  • **Animals**: Puppies and all sorts of animals make Erin very happy. **Watching Movies**: Watching other actors helps her learn and enjoy different stories.
  • **Playing Video Games**: Erin finds video games fun and sometimes a bit tricky.
  • **Spending Time with Family**: Fun times with her family are very special to her. They watch movies and play games together.

Erin Gerasimovich Favrioute things

  • **Playing Outside**: Erin loves to be in the fresh air, running around and playing games with her friends.
  • **Ice Cream**: Just like many of us, Erin’s favorite treat is ice cream. She enjoys all flavors but especially loves chocolate.
  • **Reading Books**: When Erin is not acting, she enjoys diving into stories and going on adventures through books.
  • **Drawing**: Erin likes to draw and create colorful pictures. She uses her imagination to put her ideas on paper.
  • **Animals**: Erin is a big fan of animals. She loves all kinds, but puppies hold a special place in her heart.
  • **Watching Movies**: As an actress, Erin also loves to watch movies. It’s a way for her to see other actors perform and learn from them.
  • **Playing Video Games**: Erin enjoys playing video games during her free time. It’s fun and sometimes challenging.
  • **Spending Time with Family**: Erin loves hanging out with her family. They play games, watch movies, and have lots of fun together.

Intresting facts about Erin Gerasimovich

  • Erin started acting when she was very little, just like you might start learning something new! She has been in movies and TV shows, which means she gets to pretend to be different people.
  • Even though Erin is an actress, she still goes to school and learns, just like you.
  • Erin has worked in a movie called “Prisoners” and a show named “Odd Mom Out,” where she played fun roles.
  • Being an actress, Erin meets lots of interesting people and makes new friends on her acting journey.
  • Erin balances her schoolwork and her acting, showing that you can do more than one thing you love.
  • She has hobbies outside of acting, so she plays and has fun, not just when she’s on TV or in movies.


What does Erin Gerasimovich do?

Erin acts in movies and TV shows. She pretends to be different characters and brings stories to life on screen.

How did Erin start acting?

Erin began acting when she was very young, just like many of you! She loved acting and worked hard, which helped her get roles in big movies and TV shows.

Is Erin in school like me?

Yes, Erin goes to school too! Just like you, she learns new things every day. Balancing school and acting can be tough, but Erin manages to do both.

Does Erin have any hobbies?

Sure does! Besides acting, Erin enjoys doing fun activities, but we’ll learn more about her hobbies in another section.

Can I become an actor like Erin?

Absolutely! If you love acting and are willing to work hard, you can pursue your dreams just like Erin. Remember, every big star started small!

Who are Erin’s favorite superheroes?

While we haven’t talked about her favorite superheroes, many kids love characters like Spider-Man or Wonder Woman. Maybe Erin has some favorites too!


In this story, we learned all about Erin Gerasimovich. She’s a young actress who started in movies and TV shows when she was just a little kid, almost like you! Erin has shown everyone that with hard work and a love for acting, dreams can come true.

She plays in funny TV shows, acts in big movies, and loves doing what she does. Remember, like Erin, always believe in yourself and chase after what makes you happy. Who knows? Maybe one day, you’ll be following your dreams just like Erin. Thanks for reading about her adventure with us!


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