Jasmine Plummer NetWorth, Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Biography on Wikipedia, and Family

Jasmine Plummer

Jasmine Plummer is a young and talented athlete who has made history at the age of just 11 years old. She captured the hearts of the nation when she became the first black female Pop Warner quarterback to lead her team to a national championship. Her incredible journey started in 2008 when she joined the Harvey Colts and led them to an undefeated season. Jasmine has always had a passion for sports, and she dreams of becoming a professional basketball or football player. Her determination and hard work have earned her recognition and admiration from people all over the world. Learn more about Jasmine Plummer’s age, net worth, height, weight, relationships, biography on Wikipedia, and her loving family in this blog post!

Who is Jasmine plummer?

Jasmine Plummer is a real-life hero for many kids who dream of playing sports. She showed everyone that girls can be amazing football players too! At just 11 years old, Jasmine was the first black girl to become a quarterback in the Pop Warner football team.

That’s a really important position in football, and she did a great job! She helped her team, the Harvey Colts, win lots of games and even a big championship.

But Jasmine isn’t only about football, she also loves basketball and dreams of becoming a professional athlete. She is a great example that you can do anything you set your mind to!

Jasmine Plummer


Real Name/Birth Name Jasmine Plummer
Familiar name Unknown
Net Worth $2.7 million US

Early life and Eaduction

Jasmine Plummer was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois. As a little girl, she loved playing sports and was always full of energy. In school, Jasmine was a great student who liked learning new things. She loved math and science, but she also enjoyed reading and writing.

Jasmine had a special love for sports, and she began playing football at a very young age. She started playing for the Harvey Colts, a local football team, when she was just eight years old. Jasmine was always eager to learn and improve.

This is how she became a quarterback, a very important role in football, at such a young age. Her teachers and coaches always encouraged her to work hard and follow her dreams. They believed in her and helped her become the successful athlete she is today.

Jasmine Plummer

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Jasmine Plummer Parents and Siblings

Jasmine Plummer has a loving family who have always been by her side. Her mother, Cassandra Johnson, has always been her biggest cheerleader. She saw Jasmine’s talent early on and encouraged her to play football.

Jasmine’s father, who was also a football player, helped her learn the game. He spent lots of time playing with Jasmine, teaching her all the tricks and skills. Jasmine has an older brother, Jovan, who she loves very much.

He’s her best friend and also her mentor. They often play sports together and Jovan helps Jasmine practice her football and basketball skills. So, you see, Jasmine’s family is her biggest support system in her sports journey!

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Right now, Jasmine Plummer is too young to have a husband or boyfriend. She’s focused on her sports and school. Jasmine wants to be a professional athlete, and she knows she has to work really hard to make her dream come true.

So, instead of having a boyfriend, Jasmine spends her time practicing football and basketball. She also does her homework and studies to get good grades in school. Maybe when she’s older, Jasmine will start dating. But right now, she’s just enjoying being a kid and playing the sports she loves!

Jasmine Plummer Childern

Jasmine Plummer is still a young girl, and she is not yet a mother. She is fully focused on her education, sports training, and achieving her dreams of becoming a professional athlete. In the future, when she’s grown-up, Jasmine might decide to start a family and have children of her own.

But right now, she is enjoying her youth, making the most of her time playing sports, learning in school, and spending time with her family and friends. She’s a hardworking and dedicated young lady, setting a great example for kids everywhere that you can achieve anything if you work hard for it.

Jasmine Plummer Age Hight weight And physical Aperance

Jasmine Plummer is a young girl who is growing every day. Although her exact age, height, and weight are private because she’s still a child, we know that she’s in her early teens. Jasmine is taller than most of her friends, which helps her see the football field better when she’s playing quarterback.

She has a strong body from all the sports she plays, and she is very healthy. Jasmine has curly black hair that she often ties up when she plays sports. She has bright eyes that light up whenever she talks about football or basketball. Even though she is young, Jasmine Plummer looks like a future professional athlete!

Befor fame

Before Jasmine Plummer became famous, she was just a regular kid who loved to play sports. From a very young age, she showed a strong interest in football and basketball. Even though she was the only girl playing football with the boys, she never let that stop her.

She practiced really hard every day, learning all the rules and tricks of the game. She would throw the football around with her father and brother, learning from them and getting better and better each day.

When she wasn’t on the football field, Jasmine could be found on the basketball court, shooting hoops and mastering her skills. She also did well in school, working hard on her studies. Even before she was famous, Jasmine was already a little star in her own way!

Jasmine Plummer career

Jasmine Plummer started her journey in sports at a very young age. She was only eight when she joined the Harvey Colts, a local football team in her hometown. Jasmine wasn’t just any player, she was the quarterback! That’s a big deal because the quarterback is like the team’s leader.

She was so good at it that she led her team to an undefeated season and a national championship in 2008. It was a big win for Jasmine and her team. But football isn’t Jasmine’s only love. She’s also a fantastic basketball player.

Even though she’s still young, she dreams of becoming a professional athlete one day. With her talent and dedication, Jasmine is sure to score big in her future career!

Net Worth

As a young athlete, Jasmine Plummer is still focused on her sports and education, so she doesn’t have a job like grown-ups do. That means she doesn’t have a net worth just yet. A net worth is like a big piggy bank. It’s the money you earn from your job, minus what you owe, like bills.

But remember, Jasmine’s big dream is to be a professional football or basketball player. And those athletes can earn lots of money! So while she might not have a net worth now, in the future, Jasmine could have a big piggy bank full of money from playing the sports she loves!

Jasmine Plummer future plans and Projects

Jasmine Plummer has big dreams for her future! Right now, she is focused on her schoolwork and practicing her favorite sports, football and basketball. She hopes to one day become a professional athlete and play in big games for lots of people to watch! Jasmine also wants to keep learning and studying, because she knows that being smart is just as important as being good at sports.

She plans to go to college and continue playing sports there. Besides sports, Jasmine also wants to help other kids learn to love sports just like she does. She hopes to start a program that encourages other girls to play football and break down barriers, just like she did!

Jasmine Plummer Hobbies

Do you wonder what Jasmine Plummer likes to do when she’s not playing sports or studying? Here are some of her favorite hobbies:

  • Reading Books: Jasmine loves to read! She enjoys all kinds of books, from adventure stories to fun facts about animals. Reading not only helps Jasmine relax but also helps her learn new things.
  • Drawing: When Jasmine is not on the field, she likes to draw. It allows her to express her creativity and imagination. Sometimes, she even draws pictures of her football games!
  • Playing Video Games: Just like many kids, Jasmine loves playing video games. It’s a fun way to relax and challenge her skills. Her favorite games are usually sports-related ones.
  • Spending Time with Family: Jasmine loves to spend time with her family. They often have movie nights or play board games together. It’s a great way to bond and have fun!
  • Cooking: Jasmine also enjoys helping her mom in the kitchen. She loves to learn new recipes and try different foods. As you can see, Jasmine has many interests outside of sports. Her hobbies keep her busy and happy when she’s not studying or practicing for her games!

Jasmine Plummer Favrioute things

  • Football and Basketball: Jasmine loves playing football and basketball. It’s her dream to become a professional player in both these sports one day.
  • Family Time:Spending time with her family is one of Jasmine’s favorite things to do. They have fun together, playing games and cheering each other on.
  • Reading: Jasmine loves to dive into a good book!She enjoys all kinds of stories, from magical adventures to interesting facts about animals.
  • Drawing: Jasmine also enjoys drawing pictures. She often sketches her favorite sports moments or creates her own imaginative artwork.
  • Video Games: Like many kids her age, Jasmine enjoys playing video games. She especially likes sports games because they give her a chance to improve her skills.
  • Cooking: Jasmine likes to help her mom in the kitchen. She enjoys learning new recipes and tasting different foods.
  • Favorite Color: Jasmine’s favorite color is blue. It’s the color of the sky and the sea, and it makes her feel happy and calm.
  • Favorite Animal: Jasmine loves all animals, but her favorite is the tiger. She thinks they’re strong and beautiful, just like her.

Intresting facts about Jasmine Plummer

  • Did you know Jasmine started playing football when she was only eight years old?
  • Wow, that’s really young! Jasmine is not just a great football player. She’s also super good at basketball.
  • Two sports, double the fun! The first team Jasmine played for was called the Harvey Colts. That’s where she learned all her awesome football skills. Jasmine is not only strong in sports, but also smart in studies.
  • She loves math and science a lot! Jasmine’s favorite color is blue. Just like the sky and the sea, it makes her feel happy and calm.
  • She has a special liking for tigers, she thinks they are strong and beautiful. Maybe that’s why she’s also strong and beautiful in her games! Jasmine’s dream is to become a professional athlete one day.
  • She works hard every day to make this dream come true. Last but not least, Jasmine loves spending time with her family. They often have movie nights together or play board games.
  • It sounds like so much fun, right? So, these were some of the interesting facts about Jasmine Plummer. Isn’t she amazing?


Do you have questions about Jasmine Plummer?

You’re not alone! Here are some common questions and answers to help you understand more about her.

How old is Jasmine Plummer?

Jasmine is still in her early teens. She started making history in sports when she was just 11 years old!

What sport does Jasmine play?

Jasmine loves both football and basketball. She became famous for being a great quarterback in football, but she also dreams of playing basketball professionally one day.

Where does Jasmine live?

Jasmine lives in Harvey, Illinois. It’s where she was born and raised. What is Jasmine’s dream? Jasmine’s biggest dream is to become a professional athlete in football or basketball. She practices hard every day to make this dream come true!

Does Jasmine have any siblings?

Yes, Jasmine has an older brother named Jovan. He’s not just her brother, but also her best friend and mentor. They love playing sports together! Remember, every big dream starts with a little step. Just like Jasmine, if you work hard and follow your dreams, you can achieve anything!


Jasmine Plummer is truly a star! She showed us all that it doesn’t matter how young you are or whether you’re a boy or a girl, you can always chase your dreams. She dreams of playing sports and she works hard to make that dream come true.

Jasmine plays football and basketball very well. She even led her team to win a big championship! Can you imagine that? It’s like winning a huge trophy in a video game, but in real life! Isn’t that cool? Jasmine also loves her family a lot.

She plays sports with her brother, Jovan, and her mom and dad always cheer for her during her games. And guess what? She’s also a great student. She does her homework and loves to learn new things.


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