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Londa Butler
Londa Butler

Londa Butler is widely known as a “mom” in the U.S., but not just any mom. She’s the proud mother of Jimmy Butler, that basketball superstar we all love watching on the court. Born in Texas on March 10, 1958, Londa proudly carries her 64 years with U.S. citizenship and a Pisces zodiac sign, embodying a blend of American and African heritage.

Her faith is rooted in Christianity, but beyond that? It’s a mystery; there is no scoop on her siblings, parents, or childhood upbringing. Given her down-to-earth lifestyle, it’s safe to assume she had a typical parental upbringing.

American basketball star Jimmy Butler, Michael Jordan’s Son, has emerged as a fierce contender in the NBA. Born in Houston, Texas, on September 14, 1989, Butler overcame childhood adversities to become one of the game’s elite players. His remarkable journey speaks volumes about his unwavering resolve and relentless drive.

Butler kickstarted his basketball career in high school, discovering his passion for the game and honing his skills along the way. Despite facing hardships and college rejections, Butler’s perseverance led him to Marquette University, where he shone brightly and caught the eye of NBA scouts.

Londa Butler Quick info

Full Name Londa Butler
Profession Private Sitter
Popular For Mother of American Football Player Jimmy Butler
Age (As of 2023) 65 years old
Date of Birth March 10, 1958
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birth Place Texa, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Education School/University Lone Star College-Tomball
Eye Color Brown
Net Worth Estimated net worth $100,000-$500,000

Early Life

Londa Butler, a Texan native with American nationality and African-American heritage, embodies the essence of homegrown roots. Sharing Jimmy Butler’s mom’s firm Christian faith and a birthday on March 10 under the Pisces zodiac sign, she echoes traits such as calmness, creativity, and compassion.

While details about her family remain elusive, Londa is a loyal fan of the Chicago Bulls. Among her guilty pleasures is indulging in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her educational journey led her to graduate from Lone Star College Tomball.


Londa Butler, the mom of NBA player Jimmy Butler, proudly graduated from Lone Star College-Tomball. A receptionist in her younger years, she brought enthusiasm everywhere she went. Besides being a professional caregiver, Londa shows off her chef skills at Creekside Park.


Jimmy Butler’s relationship with his biological father has been tumultuous, while his bond with his mother remains close. Despite the complicated dynamics, Jimmy and both parents have found common ground. Rumors linking Michael Jordan as Jimmy’s father sparked controversy in the past, leading to investigations that ultimately proved otherwise. Despite the drama, one thing is clear: Jimmy Butler is not Michael Jordan’s child, as their timelines don’t align.

Net Worth

Her net worth falls between $100,000 and $500,000, mainly from her job as a private sitter in Texas. While she enjoys a reasonably comfortable life with this income, her son, Jimmy Butler, truly hits the jackpot. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Londa is expected to be valued at about $60 million. Talk about a real jump in success! In 2020, he made his mark as one of the highest-paid athletes.

Physical Appearance

Londa Butler seems to hover around an average height, likely standing at about 5 feet and 6 inches. With dark brown eyes and black hair usually fashioned in cornrows, her exact weight remains a mystery. As of March 10, 2022, Londa is rocking it at 64.


  • As the mother of American football player Jimmy Butler, Londa is well-known.
  • Londa’s employment as a private nanny.
  • The sources claim that Jimmy Butler’s wife is Kaitlin Nowak.
  • There are also rumors that Jimmy Butler’s biological father is Michael Jordan.
  • Londa stands five feet six inches tall.
  • It is determined that Londa is worth between $100,000 and $500,000.

Who is Jimmy Butler’s father?

There’s a hilarious joke among the NBA fans claiming Michael Jordan to be Jimmy Butler’s parent. It sounds cool, but it’s just make-believe. The real deal is that Jimmy Butler Sr. is the father of Jimmy Butler. Not much is known about the elder Butler, except that he hails from Houston and worked hard for a living.

In high school, the basketball prodigy crossed paths with Jordan Leslie, who later made a name in the NFL. The two hit it off, leading Butler to crash at Leslie’s place quite often.

Michelle Lambert, Leslie’s mom, eventually took in Butler despite already having her hands full with four kids from her late husband and three stepkids. The Lamberts saw something special in young Butler and decided to support them.

Are Michael Jordan and Jimmy Butler related? 

Jimmy Butler’s standout performances at the NBA’s Miami Heat led to comparisons with Michael Jordan. Rumors about the relationship between Jimmy and Jordan surfaced, spiraling into a conspiracy theory of Jimmy being Jordan’s long-lost offspring.

YouTube and TikTok fueled this tale, racking up over a million views. Are they family? Nope! Jimmy and M.J. are not kin. To top it off, Londa Butler and Michael Jordan have never crossed paths romantically or otherwise.

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Does Jimmy Butler have a child?

Jimmy Butler and Kaitlin Nowak welcomed their daughter, Rylee, in October 2019. Little Rylee decided to make a fashionable late entrance, arriving over a week past her due date. Jimmy didn’t hesitate to miss his first three Miami Heat debut games to be there for her birth and soak up precious family time. Priorities, right?

What nationality is Jimmy Butler?

Jimmy Butler IIIa, a skilled American basketball player, was born on September 14, 19. Drafted 30th overall in 2011 by the Chicago Bulls, he showcased his talent with them until 2017. After that, movedves to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Who is LButlerutler?

Jimmy Butler’s mother, Londa Butler, is well-known.

Was Jimmy Butler premature?

In February 1989, a trip might have worked to piece together a timeline, but that would mean Jimmy was born two months early. No records mention Jimmy being born prematurely.


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