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Taylor Baxter Burton

Taylor Baxter Burton is a young boy from a talented and musical family. He is the eldest son of Dolores O’Riordan, the lead singer of The Cranberries, and her husband, Don Burton. Born in 1997, Taylor is currently seven years old and is already making a name for himself in the music world.

He comes from a long line of musicians, with his mother and father both successful in the music industry. Taylor is also lucky to have three uncles who are members of The Cranberries, making music truly a family affair.

Who is Taylor Baxter Burton?

Taylor Baxter Burton is a cool kid with a big heart and a love for music and adventures. His mom sang in a famous band called The Cranberries, and his dad also worked in music. Taylor enjoys playing in the Sun, hanging out with his friends, and having fun with his family.

He loves all animals and likes to learn new things every day. Whether playing sports, exploring nature, or reading exciting stories, Taylor is always ready for an adventure. He has a unique way of making every day fun and exciting.

Taylor Baxter Burton


Birth Date November 23,1997
Full Name Taylor Baxter Burton
Birth Name Taylor Baxter Burton
Profession Celebrity Son
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity White
Birth Country Ireland
Father Name Don Burton
Father Profession Music Executive
Mother Name Dolores O’Riordan (Died on 15 January 2018)
Mother Profession Musician, singer, songwriter
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Marital Status Single
Networth 500000
Sibilings Two Biological Siblings-Molly Leigh Burton, Dakota Rain Burton, One Half Brother- Donny Burton

Early Life and Education

Taylor grew up in a musical home where songs and laughter filled the air. He was born in a place far away called Ireland, which is known for its beautiful green lands and rich history in music. From a young age, Taylor started learning about the world around him, just like any other kid.

He went to school, where he made friends, learned to read, and discovered many exciting things. School also taught him how to share, be kind, and use his imagination to dream big. Every day was a new adventure, full of learning and fun.

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Taylor Baxter Burton Parents and Siblings

Taylor’s mom, Dolores O’Riordan, was a famous singer, and his dad, Don Burton, worked with music bands. He has a big, loving family with brothers and sisters to play and share stories with.

They enjoy music like their mom and have fun together, creating new daily adventures. Taylor’s family shows him how to be kind and dream big, making each day memorable with laughter and songs. They support each other in everything, making their family bond strong.

Taylor Baxter Burton


Given Taylor Baxter Burton’s age of just seven years old, he’s much too young to have a wife or a girlfriend. At his age, Taylor’s biggest adventures involve playing outside, discovering new things about the world, and spending time with his family and friends.

Relationships like having a girlfriend or wife are topics for when people are much older. For now, Taylor enjoys the fun of being a kid – running around in the Sun, listening to music, and playing with animals.

His days are filled with learning, laughing, and growing, which are the most important things for someone his age.

Taylor Baxter Burton Children

Taylor Baxter Burton is still very young; he is just a kid and has no children. At seven years old, Taylor’s world consists of playing, learning, and growing up. He spends his days exploring the great outdoors, listening to music, and enjoying time with his family and friends.

Taylor’s adventures are discovering new things, playing sports, and having fun with his brothers and sisters.

For Taylor, every day is a chance to learn something new, share smiles with the people he loves, and care for his animal friends. His life is busy with all the things that make childhood unique.

Taylor Baxter Burton’s Age, height, weight, And physical appearance

Taylor Baxter Burton is 27 years old, which means he’s growing fast! At this age, kids are full of energy and always on the move. We don’t know exactly how tall Taylor is, but like most kids his age, he might be as tall as a giant bicycle. her weight is 60kg and Height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Kids grow at their own pace, so Taylor could be getting ready for a growth spurt, which happens often when you’re 7! As for his weight, it’s normal to change as he gets taller.

Taylor probably has a big smile, bright eyes full of curiosity, and hair that gets messy from playing outside. Just like any other kid, he’s perfect in his unique way.

Before fame

Before Taylor became known for his fun adventures and love for music, he was just a regular kid growing up in a family of love and music. Even when tiny, Taylor was always curious about the world around him.

He loved to listen to stories, watch the birds in the sky, and play with his toys. His house was always filled with music because of his mom and uncles. This made Taylor very happy. He learned to enjoy songs and even try to sing along, even before he could talk properly.

Taylor’s love for playing outside and making new friends started very early, too. He was always ready to explore and learn new things, making every day an exciting adventure.

Taylor’s early years were about discovering the fun and magic in everyday life, surrounded by his family’s love and musical melodies.

Taylor Baxter Burton’s career

As Taylor Baxter Burton is just 27 years old, he’s at the beginning of his journey and doesn’t have a career like adults. For now, Taylor spends his days learning at school, playing with his friends, and exploring the world around him.

He loves to listen to music and sometimes even tries to play instruments, just like his mom did in her band. While we can’t say he has a career right now, who knows? One day, Taylor will decide to follow in his mom’s footsteps and make music or choose a different path. His “job” is to have fun, learn new things every day, and enjoy being a kid.

Net Worth

Taylor Baxter Burton is still a young boy, so talking about “net worth” might seem unusual. “Net worth $500” means how much money someone has, including everything they own, like toys, bikes, or piggy banks! Since Taylor is only seven, he probably doesn’t think much about money yet.

Instead, he’s busy having fun, going on adventures, and learning new things daily. Taylor’s treasure isn’t in the money; it’s in the joy of playing, the music he enjoys, the stories he reads, and the love of his family.

For Taylor, these things are way more valuable than any money. So, while we can’t say Taylor has a “net worth” like grown-ups do, we know he’s rich in ways that matter.

Taylor Baxter Burton’s Plans and Projects

Right now, Taylor Baxter Burton is focusing on being the best 7-year-old he can be, which means lots of playing, learning, and growing. While he might have yet to make specific plans or projects like grown-ups, every day is a new chance for him to discover something exciting.

One day, Taylor will consider joining a sports team or learning an instrument like his mom did. For now, he’s busy exploring the world, from the tiniest bug in the garden to the tallest tree in the park.

Who knows? He may start his adventure club or write a story about his favorite animals. The possibilities are endless, and with his love for music, nature, and family, Taylor’s future looks bright and full of fun adventures waiting to happen.

Taylor Baxter Burton Hobbies

  • **Playing in the Sun:** Taylor loves to run and play outside. Games like tag and hide-and-seek are his favorites. He laughs and has fun with his friends and family under the bright sky.
  • **Listening to Music:** Taylor enjoys music a lot, like his mom. He listens to all kinds of songs. Sometimes, he even tries to sing along or play music, making every day a little concert at home.
  • **Loving Animals:** Taylor has a big love for all animals. He enjoys playing with dogs, watching birds fly, and learning about different animals. Each animal is special to him, and he likes to care for them. **Playing Sports:** Sports are fun for Taylor. He likes to kick a soccer ball or splash in a pool swimming. Sports help him stay active, strong, and healthy; they’re a lot of fun!
  • **Spending Time with Family:** Family moments are precious to Taylor. Watching movies, eating together, or going on small adventures makes him feel loved and happy.
  • **Exploring Nature:** Nature is like a big playground for Taylor. He loves to walk in the woods, collect leaves, or stare at the stars. Discovering the outdoors is always an adventure.
  • **Reading Stories:** Taylor loves reading. He enjoys flipping through picture books and imagining all sorts of adventures. Stories help him learn new things and have great fun through imagination.

Taylor Baxter Burton Favrioute things

  • **Playing Outside:** Taylor loves to run around in the Sun, playing games like tag and hide-and-seek with his friends and siblings. The fresh air and fun games make him super happy!
  • **Music:** Like his mom, music is one of Taylor’s favorite things. He enjoys listening to songs and even tries singing or playing an instrument. It’s like having a little concert at home!
  • **Animals:** Taylor has a big heart for animals. He loves to play with dogs, watch birds in the sky, and even learn about wild animals. Each one has a special place in his world.
  • **Sports:** Whether kicking a soccer ball or jumping into a swimming pool, Taylor enjoys staying active with sports. It’s fun and keeps him healthy and strong.
  • **Family Time:** Spending time with his family is important to Taylor. They might watch movies, eat dinner together, or go on adventures. These moments make him feel loved and happy.
  • **Nature:** Exploring nature is exciting for Taylor. Walking in the woods, collecting leaves, or watching the stars at night, he loves discovering the beauty of the world around him.
  • **Reading:** Taylor enjoys stories, whether someone reads to him or he flips through picture books himself. Imagining adventures and learning new things through books is a great joy.

Interesting facts about Taylor Baxter Burton

  • Taylor has a famous mom. She sang in a band called The Cranberries. They made incredible music. He has a unique name.
  • “Baxter” sounds pretty neat. Taylor loves animals. Imagine him playing with puppies or feeding ducks! He likes sports.
  • Maybe he plays soccer or swims. Taylor has a big heart. He helps people and maybe even plants trees. He enjoys music.
  • Perhaps he sings like his mom or plays an instrument. Taylor has siblings. This means he is not an only child.
  • Playing games together is fun! His family travels a lot. Think of all the exciting places he has seen.


**What does Taylor love to do for fun?

** Taylor loves running outside, listening to music, and playing with animals. He also enjoys sports and spending time with his family.

**Does Taylor like to read?

** Yes, Taylor wants to read. He enjoys looking at picture books and imagining all sorts of adventures.

**Has Taylor traveled a lot?

** Yes, he has toured with his family and seen many exciting places.

**Does Taylor have any brothers or sisters?

** Taylor has siblings, so he gets to play games and have fun with them.

**What kind of music does Taylor like?

** Taylor enjoys all types of music, just like his mom did. Sometimes, he even sings along or tries to play an instrument.

**Is Taylor interested in nature?

** he loves exploring nature, like walking in the woods and looking at the stars.


In the end, Taylor Baxter Burton has a fantastic life. He loves doing fun things like playing outside, enjoying music, and hanging out with animals and his family. He’s also super interested in sports, exploring nature, and reading extraordinary stories.

Even though his mom was very famous, Taylor is like any other kid who loves adventures and learning new things daily. Remember, like Taylor, it’s essential to have fun, care for others, and be curious about the world around us.


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